Key features

Linear schedule creation

Create channels from VOD assets in a playlist driven workflow. No live encoder or playout chain needed.

Playback on every device

Deliver HLS, MPEG-DASH and Smooth to play content on any internet connected device

Prepare for ads

Condition streams with industry standard SCTE 35 markers ready for third party ad insertion

Main benefits

Increase profit
Streams start playing when viewers start watching. No need for an expensive set up that runs 24/7.
Curate 1000s of channels
Diversify your offer to viewers by combining playlist technology with the power of recommendation engines.
Capitalize on market trends
Create niche/​boutique channels, and live stream pre-recorded concerts and other events.
Cutting edge codecs
Stream in 4K HDR with advanced audio using HEVC, AV1, Dolby Atmos or DTS:X
Launch channels in minutes
A simple, and quick workflow for live channel creation based on SMIL XML files making it an extremely flexible, resource-light method of streaming VOD content as linear service.
Revive your content library
Dust off under utilized VOD content that’s not making money and try out new audiences, markets or regions for no cost other than promotion and marketing.

How it works

Remix VOD2Live makes use of two Unified Streaming products: Unified Remix for preparing the playlist of VOD assets, and Unified Origin for delivering this playlist as a live stream.

The live stream can be configured to start at a specific time and can also be left looping until stopped. Viewers join the stream at the live edge as with a regular live stream. From the perspective of the client device, there is no difference between a live stream from a live encoder and one generated using Remix VOD2Live.

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A deeper dive into VOD2Live?

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