Create clips from any stream and, in the process, do frame-accurate cutting. Unified Capture works with Live and VOD streams generating clips in HLS, MPEG-DASH, HDS and HSS. It enables monetization of live streaming and new services, such as nPVR, catch-up TV and timeshift TV.

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How Unified Capture works

Unified Capture is a command line tool that captures and downloads the adaptive bitrate presentation (ABR) to disk, from a URL with timestamps. It also provides the option to do frame-accurate cuts in stream, whereby Unified Capture decodes and encodes beginning and ending fragments to allow for sample-accurate timing.

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Key features

Reduce time-to-view

Expedites live streams availability for VOD

Seamless streaming

Simplifies content replacement

Easy to integrate

Fits seamlessly into existing workflows

Deploy anywhere

Works on-premise or in the cloud

Product perks

  • One tool for all recording formats, such as nPVR, catch-up TV, time-shift TV
  • Captures multi-format streams over HTTP or directly from disk
  • Accommodates multiple output formats, such as HDS, HLS, MPEG-DASH, HSS
  • Supports encrypted and unencrypted streams


Unified Capture's annual licensing is based on live channels or captured volume. The licensing fee covers all product features.

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