Unified Capture

Create clips from any stream and, in the process, do frame accurate cutting. Unified Capture works with Live and VOD streams generating clips in Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), MPEG-DASH and Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS). It allows broadcasters, content owners and service providers to monetize Live streaming and offer new services like nPVR, catchup-TV, clips for social media. 

  • Make clips from any stream
  • One tool for nPVR, catchup-tv and clips 
  • Permits frame accurate cutting

How it works

What it is exactly

Unified Capture is a powerful tool that captures and downloads the adaptive bitrate presentation to disk and gives you the option to do frame accurate cuts in-stream. Using the frame-accurate option Unified Capture decodes and encodes the beginning and ending fragments to allow for sample accurate timing.

Reduce time to view

How much time you spend making clips and removing specific content, such as ads, affects how long it takes to go from Live to VOD. Current content preparation processes are time- consuming and require manual intervention to make the Live streams available for VOD replay. As the time-to-view lengthens, you are likely to miss opportunities for monetization.

Seamless streaming

Unified Capture makes it simple to do content replacement with in-stream cuts, offering a seamless transition between frames. This saves you time and, in so doing, optimizes your window of revenue. It can be integrated into any existing workflow and CMS.

Easy to integrate, quick time to market

Unified Capture was developed to meet the unique needs of a broad range of companies. That it why it is flexible and easy to integrate, fitting seamlessly into any existing workflows and CMS. This kind of adaptability means quick time to market. 

Deploy anywhere

Deploy Unified Capture anywhere on-premise or in the cloud. It works in Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure. Preconfigured and ready-to-stream images are available for both cloud hosting services.


  • One tool for all recording formats: nPVR, catch-up TV, time-shift TV
  • Captures multi-format streams over HTTP or directly from disk
  • Multiple output formats: HDS, HLS, MPEG-DASH, MSS
  • Supports encrypted and unencrypted streams
  • Easy to integrate into any workflow and CMS


Unified Capture runs on a license based on captured GB. The fee includes all features. Flexible deployment requires flexible licensing, so please contact us if you would like a quote tailored to your needs or any other information.

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