Unified Remix takes an innovative approach by performing content stitching upstream from the origin server. Other use cases include virtual live streams, stream personalization, pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls and nPVR. Plus, many other interesting cases are in store. 

Think of Unified Remix as a just-in-time video-editing suite. Streams can be personalized in any arrangement: a stream for each viewer, streams to groups of viewers (for example, according to geolocation or subscriptions) or even a single stream for all viewers.

How it works

As a playlist-resolving software engine, Unified Remix uses a playlist on the server side, removing all decision logic from the player. Unified Remix bases the playlist on a general ruleset triggered by a CMS, a recommendation system or other business rules. It then transforms the remixed MP4 playlist into input for Unified Origin and Unified Packager, both of which can deliver all playout formats. The result: a unified approach to delivering to all devices from a single playlist.

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Key features

Remix content with a playlist

Mixes clips from various origins into a single stream

Can work everywhere

Eliminates need to manipulate manifests

Fits seamlessly into existing workflows

Removes player SDK requirement

Accommodates content protection

Supports all major DRM systems

Main benefits

Accurate editing
Creates any clip, accommodating promos, pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls
Conditioned content
Ready for third-party ad insertion
Low impact processing
Changes are made server side, without impacting devices or apps
Buffer free experience
Reduces buffering times since no content stitching is at the player
Easy to integrate
Fits with any workflow and CMS


Unified Remix’s annual licensing and fees are use case-based.

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