Unified Remix

Make it personal. Unified Remix introduces a new and innovative approach that does all the magic of content stitching upstream from the Origin server. Unified Remix 'mixes' clips from various origins into a single stream so players do not see any discontinuity, this makes ad-blockers ineffective. It lets you fully personalize your streams for both content and/or advertisements. That means even ads are thoughtfully targeted to your audience!

  • Personalizes streams, individually or by group
  • Best experience for all screens and devices
  • Integrates with external ad networks

How it works

What it is exactly

Unified Remix is a software engine that resolves a playlist. While a playlist may be created by a player in JavaScript or via a player plugin, it can just as readily be done completely on the server side, thus removing all decision logic from the player. With Unified Remix, the playlist is based on a general ruleset defined, for example, in a CMS or by consulting a recommendation system or an ad network. The ad choice can be based on individual characteristics originating in the player or by associating content with a specific channel – allowing for targeted channels.

Reduce lost impression by ad blockers

Apply server-side ad insertion with Unified Remix to circumvent ad blockers and significantly reduce lost impressions. Ad blockers are browser plugins that have been configured to block known ad server URLs. When a browser makes an ad request, the ad blocker will simulate an error from the ad server, thereby effectively blocking the ad.

No necessary player SDK

Unified Remix runs in front of Unified Origin – that is, on the origin or the edge of the content itself. Streams appear the same for all viewers. Choosing to run your playlist server side means you do not need a player SDK. Easy to integrate, get quick time to market. Unified Remix was developed to meet the unique needs of a broad range of companies. That is why it is flexible and easy to integrate, fitting seamlessly into any existing workflows and ad repositories and networks. This kind of adaptability means quick time to market.


  • Increase ad delivery and circumvent ad blockers
  • Best experience on all screens
  • Personalize streams, individually or by group
  • No player SDK required
  • Reduce buffering times at the client
  • Use local ad repositories or ad networks
  • Use pre-, mid- and endrolls
  • Easy integration into any workflow


Unified Remix runs on an annual license per webserver. Flexible deployments require flexible licensing, so please contact us if you would like to receive a quote tailored to your needs or any other information.