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Founded in 1993, the DVB Project is an industry-led consortium of the world’s leading media and technology companies working together to design open technical specifications for digital media delivery. Unified Streaming is a member since 2017 and contributes to DVB-DASH and DVB-I activities. Since 2020 it leads the TM-Stream group working on DVB-DASH, the DVB profile for MPEG DASH.

The Moving Picture Experts Group is an alliance of working groups of ISO and IEC that sets standards for media coding, including compression coding of audio, video, graphics and genomic data, and transmission and file formats for various applications. Unified Streaming joined MPEG in 2016 and contributed to MPEG-DASH, CMAF, ISO Base Media File Format and Point Cloud Compression.
In addition it held leadership (chair) position on point cloud compression and network based media processing.

Project, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, aims to improve how internet-delivered commercial video is handled on consumer electronics devices and to make it easier for content creators to distribute video to those devices. Unified Streaming is a member since 2018 of the Wave Project and CTA consortium and contributes to content specification task force and DASH-HLS interop task forces.

DASH-IF is industry group developing best practices and recommendations around usage of MPEG-DASH. Unified streaming is a member since 2014 and contributed to the different IOP specifications and ingest protocol specification where it collaborated with other industry leaders.

These are industry consortia for cable, television, streaming technology and standards. While Unified is not a member it does hold positions as invited expert in these consortia. SCTE develops standards for cable, some such as SCTE-35,47 and 214 at the intersection of media. ATSC develops standards for digital television mainly.