Standard functionality and reference streams

Our reference live streams including SCTE 35 and an overview of demo streams showcasing all standard streaming functionality available using Unified Origin, presented per supported play-out format.

Live streams with ads

Live streams prepared for ad replacement by signaling SCTE 35 ad opportunity markers and conditioning the content. Demonstrated here with some of our Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) partners.

Ad insertion for VOD

Create SCTE 35 ad opportunity markers and condition your content to make it suitable for ad insertion. Demonstrated here with some of our Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) partners.

Virtual channels

Take a Live source or a set of media assets previously prepared for VOD streaming and repurpose them into new live linear virtual channels. Enable ad replacement for FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV) services or stream complex codecs like AV1.

Advanced content protection using DRM with CPIX

Protect your content with the best measures available.


Archive content from a live stream to create an instant catch-up TV service based on a dynamic Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Enable your viewers to instantly playback their Personal Video Recordings (PVR).

Content stitching for VOD

Stitch together media from different sources to create one seamless stream. Add media such as content warnings, promos, bumpers, or interstitials to existing on-demand content.

Manifest customization

Boost compatibility with players, legacy Smart TVs and other third party components. Quickly and easily address one or more predefined use case and re-process existing manifests or edit dynamically in your just-in-time (JIT) streaming delivery workflow.