Unified Streaming is a creator of world-class streaming technologies and an authority in defining industry-advancing standards and specifications.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Unified Streaming leads the new wave of content aggregation, providing tools for dynamic and static packaging, capture, and enhanced playlist technology. By building rock-solid software, we help customers solve complex streaming challenges in a fast-paced, continuously evolving industry. 

Our stable streaming solutions are deployed not just to unlock creative new ways for customers to personalize, protect, and repurpose content, but also to create value.

With over 140 broadcasters, telcos, streaming platforms, content creators, and ecosystem partners worldwide, we produce software that is under the hood of the largest and best-known streaming platforms and services. Every day, customers count on us to enable delivery of outstanding personalized experiences to their viewers, on any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world.

Works across all platforms and devices

As a leader in video streaming technologies, we make sure our software keeps evolving to meet all your needs.

Spans the globe

Our customers are spread across all continents. They include international live news broadcasters, TV networks, telecom service providers and technology partners.

Is extensively tested

Our products are tried and tested using rich industry experience. In conjunction with user feedback from our customers, we respond to the market needs.

Stays resilient and easy to implement

Our products are valued by our customers for their feature richness, stability and ease of implementation.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Burbank, USA

Unified Streaming Inc.
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