We’re fanatics about giving our global customers the best video streaming solutions. So first we hire the best employees.

Are you equal parts independent thinker and team player? Do you savor an international environment with a quick tempo? Do you savor speaking English? Do you savor Gouda cheese?*

Then please check out any job opening(s) below.

*no worries if you don’t, but we’ve got plenty

Why join us?

  • We’ve got the best team in the video streaming industry, and oh yes, we’re quite biased.
  • Working hybrid is possible. Or if you prefer old-fashioned terms, you can telecommute.”
  • You’ll receive generous compensation for your skills and hard work.
  • We give each other space, but we’re also big on collaboration.
  • Our culture cares about work-life balance.
  • We hydrate. Help yourself onsite to freshly-brewed coffee and tea. (We do other drinks, too :)
  • We’ve got a weakness for firing up the BBQ grill on our roof terrace.
  • Our office sits in the center of an historic city that appears on multiple Top-5-Cities-in-the-World-to-Live-In lists — a city that your friends will want to visit constantly (so better get a spare set of towels). Btw, it’s Amsterdam.
  • You can capitalize on learning and self-development opportunities.
  • Our people are quite good at what they do. Big bonus: they don’t take themselves too seriously.