Unified Virtual Channel debuted in Unified Streaming’s product portfolio in early 2023. Since then the company has enriched the product, adding more features and refining its operation.

Frankly, industry interest in Unified Virtual Channel has been keen. And integrations of the product into company workflows are ongoing.

We were wondering, though. (Always pays to wonder when managing products.)

From a user’s perspective, what are the upsides of Unified Virtual Channel?

Our partners and customers answered that question for us, listing the specific product benefits they appreciate most.

Here’s their top seven!

1. Runs easily

    Launch your channel through a single API call. It’s the simplest way to skip past months of integration while still staying in control of your workflows. Just use the command line to go live.

    2. Stitches live and VOD

      Combine different types of content to provide customers with a new experience. Mix live streams with the pre-encoded VOD content from your library. Amp up your live event by padding it with interesting content that already exists. This benefit blends the best of both worlds: the immediacy of your live stream and the high value of your archive.

      3. Updates on the fly

        Run channels 24/7/365 without stopping. If you change your plans and need to update your manifest, that’s fine, because our product ensures that transitions are seamless. We won’t let breaking news break your channel!

        4. Maximizes, monetizes

          Reuse your existing, pre-encoded content and create new revenue from your content library and archive. Make the most out of your content.

          Get your stream up and stud it with ad opportunities. Inserting SCTE 35 markers allows you to stream content interspersed with spots that fund your streams. Explore all paths to monetization: via personalized ads; via third-party ad vendors; via major ad insertion and ad replacement services; you name it. Run ads effectively so that you can turn your content into capital.

          5. Runs multiple channels on a single license

          We sell one year of running a virtual channel. This license allows you to operate your new channel 24/7, or multiple pop-up channels during the year. Today your niche channel might stream a new music festival, next week it could stream a giant sports event. So: single license, but many opportunities.

          6. Gives access to resources

            Because our product is documented well, you can find all the information about Unified Virtual Channel in a single place. We tried to cover all the typical cases and answer the main questions you may face. Something new will come up, of course, and then we’ll add that quirk’s untangling to the docs so others won’t get stumped.

            7. Gets support from enthusiasts who, let’s be honest, actually care about your business’s success

              We’ve assembled an all-star team of support pros who don’t shy away from complexity. They’re ready to dig into the problem with you and make sure you’re on the right track. The level of support engagement is something we pride ourselves on. And frankly, it’s what our customers mention and laud the most in feedback. Speaking of: got an issue, want to raise a ticket? Our Freshdesk ticketing portal is here.

              Affected? Dazzled? Jazzed? (No one says jazzed” anymore, but okay.)

              Ready to give Unified Virtual Channel a spin-up for your own use cases? Okay then! This one’s on us. Tinker freely with the product in our trial center, or sign up for a free demo.