Play with our products
as much as you want
for a whole year

• in a non-production environment
• with Unified Streaming support
• and get 2 seats at a Unified Certified course

— for €7,500.

What's inside?

An entire year of experiments

Get a Try-All license key and tinker with products on your own time. Try VOD, live, dynamic and static packaging, Live2VOD, VOD2Live, virtual channels, SCTE, TMD, SSAI, density, and more.

Two trainings on Unified software

Get to know it better with a Unified Academy course. Extend your knowledge, dive deeper into the streaming tech, and get access to an exclusive community of streaming pros.

Guidance to help you succeed

Get expert help and advice from our team via Freshdesk support. Troubleshooting is available all year for non-urgent requests, for a non-production environment only.

Message us!

Pepijn Tijhuis, our SJ4NB (Streaming Jester 4 New Business), is here to help you.