CMAF and DASH-IF Live ingest protocol

December 2019

We present the DASH-IF live ingest protocol specification. It was developed in collaboration with live encoder vendors, cloud service providers and content delivery networks in DASH industry forum. It features two interfaces, the first CMAF ingest can be used to ingest CMAF chunks to a live packager for DASH and/​or HLS. The second interface supports ingest of DASH and HLS presentation to a passive origin or content delivery network. We detail some of the benefits of this protocol, including low latency, timed metadata support and redundancy and fault tolerance. Last, we detail the open source implemenatation of CMAF ingest we made available. The well defined specification of live ingest will help the industry in deploying live streaming at scale using components from different vendors„ Further by exploiting CMAF many synergies between HLS and DASH protocols are obtained.