Key features

Just-in-time editing

Server-side editing delivers a single stream for trouble free playback on all devices

Playlist driven workflow

Easily integrated into content management systems

Frame accurate

Seamless transitions between media from different sources

Main benefits

Stitch content without re-encoding
Add rate cards, dub cards, pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls
Increase engagement
Promote related content from your catalog
Buffer free experience
A seamless stream is delivered to the player
Deploy anywhere
Bare metal on premises, containerized, or in the cloud
Static and dynamic delivery
Compatible with both Unified Packager and Unified Origin
Reduce storage cost
Customize streams without duplicating content

How it works

Use a playlist to specify the content you want to stitch together. This playlist is processed by Unified Remix, which outputs a remixed MP4 from which Origin (just-in-time) or Packager (static) can generate a seamless stream. 

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A deeper dive into
content stitching for VOD?

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