Tools for live CMAF ingest

May 2020
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An open source implementation of the CMAF live media ingest specification developed by the DASH Industry Forum is presented. CMAF live ingest provides a protocol for live uplink streaming of content using the Common Media Application Track Format (CMAF) and HTTP POST. An example source, an example receiver and additional tooling for CMAF metadata conversion are included. The tools can be used to perform live ingest of CMAF track files to selected destinations in real-time. The reference receiver can store and process CMAF tracks into a streaming media presentation. The additional tools for conversion enable creation of timed metadata tracks. The distribution also includes sample CMAF track files with aligned audio, video, timed text and metadata content. The tools can be used for emulating live sources and receivers when investigating workflows based on the CMAF live media ingest protocol. We demonstrate usage of the tools in relevant streaming use cases showing performance benefits compared to ingest using a reverse proxy cache.

Publication: MMSys 20: Proceedings of the 11th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference