Stream audio simply, swiftly and securely for HLS, MPEG-DASH, HDS and HSS. Unified Radio addresses traditional streaming radio delivery challenges, such as scalability and protection, by using adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming of audio.

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How Unified Radio works

As a software plugin for industry standard webservers, such as Apache, Unified Radio allows audio conversion on-the-fly to all formats. No matter how many formats need support, you store a file only once. Used in combination with Unified Capture, Unified Radio can record live event clips for later use and a new playout with different ads.

How it works

Choose your audio

Live audio

On demand audio

Unified Radio

Unified Radio with optional encryption or DRM.

All formats streamed

Deliver to all devices (e.g., connected TV, STB, iOS, Android, Mac or PC) with DASH, HLS, HDS, HSS and progressive MP4.

Free trial available

Your 30-day free trial includes full access to Unified Radio. Explore our software and experience how it supports your streaming needs.

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Streaming audio innovation

The protocols currently used for streaming radio, such as SHOUTcast and Icecast, cannot handle large-scale radio deployment. Radio technology has seen little innovation in the last decade. However, the same developments in digital video delivery that enable ABR delivery over HTTP can be applied to streaming radio. Unified Radio fulfills the demand for multi-bitrate streaming radio delivered over HTTP in all formats (HLS, MPEG-DASH, HDS, Smooth), adding protection when needed.

Monetize your radio

Unified Radio applies the same ABR logic to audio already used for video. It makes including ads easier and results in more precisely targeted ads. Unified Radio lets you apply encryption or DRM to protect your channels from hijacking by aggregators and control how others will access your channel. Aggregated lists may guide listeners to tune into your channels, but they make money off your radio streams while you miss the opportunity for ad revenue.

Easy to integrate, improving time to market

You can incorporate Unified Radio into any existing workflow and CMS. Flexible and easy to integrate, it was developed to meet the varying needs of a broad range of companies.

Deploy anywhere

Implement Unified Radio anywhere, whether you want your data on-premise or in the cloud. It works with Amazon EC2, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Pre-configured and ready-to-stream images of Unified Radio are available.

Stream globally using CDNs

Reach all corners of the world by using Unified Radio in combination with multiple CDNs. This allows you to optimize for fast, stable delivery of live and audio on demand[CHECK] streams anywhere.

Product Essentials

  • One ingest format
  • One easy-to-integrate workflow for all formats: HDS, HLS, MPEG-DASH, HSS
  • Support for HLS still images
  • Support for advanced audio features DTS, HE-AAC v2, EAC3
  • On-the-fly encryption and support for all major DRM systems
  • Highly scalable


Unified Radio’s annual licensing runs per webserver. DRM is available as a licensed add-on. Please contact us if you would like a quote tailored to your needs.

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