Good news for Unified Virtual Channel users.

Media Torrente — the video streaming platform that integrates Unified Virtual Channel — has become more portable.

Anyone who wants to benefit from the monetization, personalization, and live-to-VOD seamless transitioning features (and many more) inside Unified Virtual Channel can do it anywhere, and faster.

Created by Marcel Poelstra of Monboso, Media Torrente used to be limited to use in the Netherlands. Now the platform is also available on Linode from Akamai. Meaning: it’s available everywhere.

Monboso’s Media Torrente platform can be hosted on-premise now, too. So the deployment can run on any Linux-based system, a VM (virtual machine) or a physical server.

With Unified Virtual Channel ensconced within the Monboso system, Media Torrente offers users an end-to-end solution: a transcoding workflow; all the bells and whistles of Unified Virtual Channel; plus a CDN (content delivery network).

No one needs to build a workflow or framework from scratch atop the Unified Virtual Channel solution. Everything is all ready to go, thanks to the platform.

Origin story

Marcel Poelstra wears many hats. The media streaming consultant, founder of Monboso, and teacher at Unified Streaming’s software academy saw an opportunity when Unified Virtual Channel debuted. He wanted to integrate it into a system that would prioritize ease of use, right out of the box.

The tech is great,” says Poelstra about Unified Virtual Channel. But as a company wanting to use it, you still need devs and techs to build it and to maintain it, to manage it, and so on. With Media Torrente, we take care of that for you.”

Added value

As a product, Unified Virtual Channel empowers users to mix live and VOD content, and repurpose and monetize it all, too. Even with its API, operating Unified Virtual Channel’s rich feature set depends on a depth of streaming expertise. And not every company or average user has that.

With Media Torrente, the whole stream’s figured out. Inside the platform you can configure any specifications, and alter them while it’s running. Adjust the specs, and suddenly you’ve got more CPUs, more RAM.

And you can stay independent. Media Torrente gives you the flexibility of running virtual channels anywhere in the world, without getting locked into contracts with the behemoths of the web server world.

The advantages of Media Torrente don’t end there. Monboso has built a shield cache into the integration with Unified Virtual Channel, for protecting the stream. The company has added monitoring capabilities, too. And with a helpful graphic interface from MediaLab, the Media Torrente platform becomes a one-stop shop for running Unified Streaming’s product.

With Media Torrente, Monboso provides an end-to-end solution featuring our Unified Virtual Channel as its core,” says Unified Streaming cofounder Dirk Griffioen. So it gets you up and running even faster. Unified Virtual Channel helps you create channels, run experiments, and repurpose live sources and media. Unified Streaming and Unified Virtual Channel are all about growing the possibilities for your content. And Media Torrente makes it even easier.”