At ACM Mile-High Video 23 in Denver, a video coding and streaming conference geared toward engineers and academics, Unified Streaming’s Rufael Mekuria presented four research papers.

At the end of the yearly event Mekuria was also recognized for his efforts serving on the technical program committee.

Mekuria took home one of the TPC Member Awards, which were given to the best Technical Program Committee participants. Other TPC Member Award winners were Jan De Cock (Synamedia); Alberto Duenas (Warner Bros. Discovery); Carsten Griwodz (University of Oslo); and Gwendal Simon (Synamedia).

Mekuria based his four presentations upon papers he wrote with Unified Streaming colleagues including Roberto Ramos-Chavez and Arjen Wagenaar, as well as with other collaborative video streaming professionals from outside the company.

During the four-day conference, Mekuria showed MHV 2023 attendees some of the standardization and research projects in which Unified Streaming has been actively involved.

The titles of the presentations are:

Mile-High Video is a great annual opportunity to present new findings and developments in video streaming,” said Mekuria. Mile High Video features many experts embedded in the standards and specifications world, and it’s a great place to see colleagues and learn about industry trends and developments for work on standardization.

In addition, Mile-High Video’s location in Denver, Colorado, is excellent for this type of event, as it is home to leading media and telecommunications conglomerates and technology companies.”

For more information on Unified Streaming’s work in the video streaming standardization space, helping shape industry protocols and specifications, please visit the company’s research page here.