Unified Streaming, a leader in smart video streaming technologies, proudly announces the general availability of Unified Origin version 1.10.28, promoting best practice streaming principles for live and VOD to improve performance and compatibility.

Unified Origin 1.10.28 provides:

Manifest Edit

A new tool designed to provide a layer of flexibility to the standard manifest generation tool chain. Manifest Edit can be plugged into Unified Origin to post-process a manifest right after its generation, introducing the modifications needed to enable downstream components, such as ad insertion, content stitching and more, which removes headaches and unsupported workarounds later in the workflow. Manifest Edit currently supports MPEG-DASH use cases, with HLS to follow.

Storage Proxy

Unified Origin now supports Apache subrequests for VOD to handle HTTP(s) requests to remote storage destinations,providing performance and stability gains of 10 – 20%. It also improves reliability at times of heavy traffic, especially when combined with a caching layer between Unified Origin and the backend storage.

Best Practice

Built on over two decades of research and testing, Unified Streaming is defining guidelines and best practices for large scale streaming using Unified Origin 1.10.28. These core guidelines help providers to optimize workflows for content preparation, storage, scalable delivery, frame-accurate capture, archiving, low latency delivery, and other performance improvements.

One of Unified Streaming’s core principles is to aid industry development, so we focus very seriously on supporting industry standards,” said Simon Westbroek,VP Global Sales at Unified Streaming. There are so many demands on streaming workflows today that third-party compatibility is crucial. Unified Origin 1.10.28 creates significant efficiencies for streaming providers, enables simple integration with other systems in the chain and helps educate the wider industry on best practice.”

Additionally, Unified Origin 1.10.28 supports:

  • Amazon S3 Authentication: Enables providers using Amazon Simple Storage Service to let the Amazon S3 signing functionality run not just on a proxy, but also in Unified Origin, which allows for better set-up optimization and flexibility.
  • HDR content in HLS: Aligning with Apple’s latest spec changes, Unified Origin enables HDR HLG signaling within HLS streams
  • New SCTE-35 signaling: Updating how the DATERANGE ID is signaled in HLS manifests according to the latest Apple HLS specification, making SCTE-35 markers unambiguous and permitting playback on Apple devices
  • Increased flexibility for image subtitling: New handling of SMPTE-TT image subtitles in both Unified Origin and the Unified Remix packager increases flexibility by enabling splitting and merging of subtitle fragments

Unified Origin 1.10.28 is available now.