AMSTERDAM, January 10, 2023 — Unified Streaming, an innovator in smart video streaming technologies, announces that it is partnering with leading TV tech integrator Video Progetti, which will resell Unified Streaming software in Italy.

By joining forces, Unified Streaming and Video Progetti will help Italian media companies create monetization opportunities and innovative video streaming solutions.

Video Progetti’s success stems both from a detailed evaluation of customers’ needs, and from its ability to integrate and adapt products to create new and highly efficient systems. The company prides itself on excellent client support and post-sales technical assistance.

Unified Streaming’s software products simplify the complexities of video delivery, making streaming seamless anytime, anywhere. Unified Streaming products and solutions are used by over 140 broadcasters, telcos, streaming platforms, content creators, and ecosystem partners around the world.

About the collaboration between his company and Unified Streaming, Video Progetti Sales Director Francesco Struzzi said, It is a great privilege having Unified Streaming as a partner. The company is very dynamic and reactive to customer requests. They presented us with a wide range of solutions that we can integrate in our advanced systems to create turnkey solutions that match customers’ needs. We are happy to keep working with such a great partner.”

Rochelle Morrison, Global Partner Manager of Unified Streaming, said, Having a partner like Video Progetti in Italy is very important, due to their knowledge of the broadcast and media market, and their proximity to the most relevant clients and brands in the industry. Video Progetti is perfectly positioned to become a top-tier consultant on Unified Streaming technology, for current and future clients in Italy.”

About Video Progetti

Video Progetti S.r.l. is a leading Italian company which has been working for over 20 years in the distribution and integration of professional equipment for television, cinema and telecommunications. With offices in Rome and Milan, Video Progetti is constantly in touch with the key players in these fields and participates in the development of the broadcast industry by offering our clients the most up-to-date production technology.

Video Progetti has always kept up-to-date with the latest IT, telecommunications, and entertainment market trends. They are an integral part of a global distribution network for some of the most respected brands and this, together with their technological know-how, allows Video Progetti to deal efficiently with every kind of broadcasting project from planning stage to completion. In addition, the company supplies a wide range of products and solutions for post-production houses.

Video Progetti has proved itself to be a valid and reliable partner, even for the most ambitious projects, in which they supply technological skill and financial capability together with imagination and creativity.

About Unified Streaming

Unified Streaming is an innovator in the field of video streaming, creating new technologies and defining industry-advancing standards and specifications.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Unified Streaming leads the new wave of content aggregation, providing tools for dynamic and static packaging, capture, and enhanced playlist technology. Its streaming solutions are deployed to unlock new ways to repurpose and protect content, and to create value and increase profit.

With over 140 customers and partners globally, Unified Streaming produces the software under the hood of the best-known streaming platforms and services. Every day, everywhere, Unified Streaming enables delivery of outstanding personalized experiences to viewers.