Unified Streaming, a leader in smart video streaming technologies, announces the general availability of its Remix VOD2Live solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. The new listing is available as a preconfigured solution, with a usage-based pricing model, making it easier for customers to deploy as and when they need to.

As a simple way to create OTT linear channels, VOD2Live offers customers a faster time to market and the most flexible way to create customized TV-like experiences for viewers. 

VOD2Live is based on Unified Streaming’s innovative Unified Remix playlist technology, which enables streaming providers to bring new life to their content libraries by curating playlists that present VOD programming as live linear or FAST channels. This approach replicates the reliable, glitch-free experience of broadcast television that viewers know and love, while adding the latest dynamic streaming functionality — giving broadcasters and streaming providers a crucial competitive advantage. As a result, Remix VOD2Live bridges the ever-narrowing gap between broadcast and streaming technology.

By joining the AWS Marketplace, Unified Streaming is providing customers with the benefits of Remix VOD2Live in a more flexible and cost-effective way. Eliminating the need for an expensive broadcast chain, VOD2Live on AWS Marketplace is based on a usage model, so there is no cost if the channel is not active. Channels can be scaled up and down as necessary, making Unified Streaming’s VOD2Live solution ideal for capitalizing on market trends with niche or boutique channels, or for major events where multiple channels are required for a limited time. The flexibility does not come at the expense of quality, with Remix VOD2Live via AWS Marketplace supporting 4K, HDR streaming with advanced audio using HEVC, AV1, Dolby Atmos, or DTS:X.

The addition of Remix VOD2Live on AWS Marketplace also means that customers can enjoy a seamless pairing with Unified Origin (which is already available on the platform) to stream their live and VOD content from one unified source to multiple clients and devices.

Use cases for Remix VOD2Live include:

  • FAST channels

Launch FAST (free ad-supported TV) services with minimal upfront cost.

  • Event-based live streams

Stream pre-recorded content with a fixed start time, such as a masterclass or music event, to deliver an as-live experience for viewers.

  • Niche/​boutique channels

Deliver specific content to a particular audience or demographic.

  • Trailer channels

Promote the latest must-see box sets when viewers tune in.

  • Pop-up or branded channels

Advertise certain brands in dedicated channels. For instance, an Aston Martin in a James Bond channel.

AWS Marketplace offers a fantastic opportunity for Unified Streaming to connect with new customers. We’re excited to be broadening our portfolio on the AWS Marketplace,” said Simon Westbroek, Senior Vice President Global Sales and Partnerships at Unified Streaming. Now customers can deliver true broadcast-quality experiences via the cloud in an extremely flexible way. This is great news for both streaming providers and viewers.”

VOD2Live is available on the AWS Marketplace now.