Unified Certified is a concise new course offering a deeper understanding of Unified Streaming solutions, and a grasp on fundamentals of the company’s full product portfolio. The course debuts in Amsterdam, running from 12 to 13 September 2018.

Developed by Unified Streaming, a forerunner in cross-platform video-streaming technologies, the program equips course followers with all the technical skills and knowhow to efficiently run their own platforms – plus the certification to prove it.

Led by a professional trainer, the two-day course takes students on an engaging journey through theory sessions and hands-on practice labs. It uses the most up-to-date version releases of all products. After passing a final exam, course followers receive an official Unified Certified designation and access to participate in the company’s expert tech community.

Unified Certified caters to professionals such as solution architects, systems engineers and streaming engineers who already, or soon plan to, use Unified Streaming software. Anyone seeking to learn more about the inner workings of streaming and broadcast technology is also welcome. The course can be customized for industry members focused on business strategy or customer service. 

Standardly, courses take place at Unified Streaming’s head office, situated in central Amsterdam. Upon request, trainings can be given on location. 

Unified Certified lets users look under the hood of the software, along the way amassing how-tos, best practices, new possibilities and more. By course completion, students know how to get the most value out of our products and translate that into value for their own businesses,” Says Dirk Griffioen, Unified Streaming’s CEO.