Amsterdam, the Netherlands — 1 September 2022Unified Streaming, a video streaming software development company, announced that it has become a validated AWS (Amazon Web Services) Software Partner. The company has successfully passed the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) for Independent Software Vendors (ISV).

The Foundational Technical Review is administered by AWS, and assesses whether AWS Partner products and solutions are aligned with AWS best practices as established by the AWS Well-Architected Framework for security, reliability, operational excellence, cost optimization, sustainability, and performance efficiency.

In Unified Streaming’s case, an AWS Partner Solutions Architect put the company’s core product, Unified Origin, to the test against every metric. Unified Origin met performance expectations.

By passing the Foundational Technical Review, Unified Streaming highlights what its end customers already know: that Unified Streaming products can be deployed and run seamlessly on AWS. The FTR designation also demonstrates Unified Streaming’s continuous dedication to providing customers with the best possible experience.

About Unified Origin

Unified Origin is used by operators, broadcasters, and OTT platforms worldwide for their VOD (Video On-Demand) and live video streaming workflows. As a software plugin for industry-standard webservers like Apache and Nginx, Unified Origin allows a webserver to ingest one video format and package it on-the-fly to all industry-standard playout formats: HLS (TS & CMAF), (DVB-)DASH, HbbTV, HDS, and Smooth.

Unified Origin may be procured via the AWS Cloud Marketplace, allowing buyers to license the product directly through their company’s AWS account without needing to set up a new agreement with Unified Streaming directly.

Four Unified Origin product variants are available on AWS Marketplace: Unified Origin for VOD StreamingUnified Origin for Live StreamingUnified Origin for VOD Streaming with DRM; and Unified Origin for Live Streaming with DRM. The different solutions accommodate different video streaming workflow requirements.

Running Unified Origin software through AWS Marketplace enables customers to: 

  • Use the software flexibly (any number of cores and instances)
  • Pay flexibly (hourly, or annually with extra savings)
  • Speed up time to market (since the software is pre-configured)
  • Redeem AWS credits 
  • Reach their AWS expense commitment to secure AWS discounts
  • Consolidate AWS billing and automate licensing, communication, and negotiation

Unified Streaming’s Business Analyst Alex Merkouris said, By joining the AWS Partner Network and listing our products in the AWS Marketplace, we remain committed to ensuring that our customers receive the most value from our products, while providing them with extra flexibility and options.”

About Unified Streaming

Unified Streaming is a forerunner in creating smart video streaming technologies and defining industry-advancing standards and specifications.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Unified Streaming leads the new wave of content aggregation, providing tools for dynamic and static packaging, capture, and enhanced playlist technology. Its streaming solutions are deployed to unlock new ways to repurpose and protect content, and to create value and increase profit.

With over 150 customers and partners globally, Unified Streaming produces the software under the hood of the best-known streaming platforms and services. Every day, everywhere, Unified Streaming enables delivery of outstanding personalized experiences to viewers.