Amsterdam, September 8, 2022—Unified Streaming, a forerunner in creating smart video streaming technologies, announces Unified Virtual Channel, a brand new solution for launching OTT-only live linear virtual channels.

Streaming virtual channels is a popular choice for content owners, service providers, telcos and cable operators, streaming services, event organizers, and broadcasters. All can enhance their OTT services with the solution by attracting new audiences, targeting ads, and expanding into new markets across the globe.

Banking time, Unified Virtual Channel users can prioritize their core pursuit: optimizing personalized experiences for viewers and monetizing content. Without the fuss or expense of developing tech, companies can accelerate time-to-market, increase revenues, and lower operating costs.

They can stream greener, too. Free of the high-risk, high-cost traditional model of broadcasting tied to uploading, ingesting, decoding, and re-encoding content, companies can air optimized premium UHD, 4K video, and Dolby Vision media files quickly and efficiently, without real-time processing of resource-heavy codecs.

Users of the Unified Virtual Channel solution can exploit a rich list of use cases by creating new FAST channels, regional news or weather channels, and sports channels that build pre-game buzz by showing team-related VOD highlights, then switch to the match’s live stream.

They can also create music or exclusive event channels, education channels, movie première channels, and pop-up channels about breaking news stories, such as the sudden wedding of C‑list celebrities. The options for combining live, episodic, and bingeable shows into personalized channels are limitless.

Connecting to preferred AI tools, creators can even launch My TV” channels that show viewers content featuring their favorite artist, actor, or athlete, like the footwear fashion of Rihanna, films of Zendaya, or Wimbledon wins of the Williams sisters. Whatever channels users create, they’ll capitalize on the most flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional, encoder-based broadcast workflows. 

We’re excited to showcase this new solution at IBC. We look forward to talking to new and current customers and partners about unlocking their content’s untapped potential,” said Linzi McRae, Product Manager at Unified Streaming.

Built upon the foundation of Unified Streaming’s trusted, award-winning Unified Remix and Unified Origin products, Unified Virtual Channel supports stitching of live and VOD source media and offers seamless transitioning between playlists. 

Unified Streaming’s solution starts with sending a playlist to the API (application programming interface), greatly simplifying the integration of this new solution into existing streaming workflows. Creators can speed up the launch of new channels, from weeks to minutes.

Following its debut at IBC, Unified Virtual Channel will roll out in an early access, private beta release late September 2022. Launching widely in January 2023 as a general availability release, Unified Virtual Channel will enable customers everywhere to launch new channels in minutes.

Visit the Unified Streaming IBC stand #5.B78 to see Unified Virtual Channel in action, and talk with their streaming experts to discover how virtual channels will benefit your business.

If you can’t attend IBC this year to see the Unified Virtual Channel solution, you can always schedule a personal demo via the Unified Streaming site.

About Unified Streaming

Unified Streaming is a forerunner in creating smart video streaming technologies and defining industry-advancing standards and specifications.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Unified Streaming leads the new wave of content aggregation, providing tools for dynamic and static packaging, capture, and enhanced playlist technology. Its streaming solutions are deployed to unlock new ways to repurpose and protect content, and to create value and increase profit.

With over 150 customers and partners globally, Unified Streaming produces the software under the hood of the best-known streaming platforms and services. Every day, everywhere, Unified Streaming enables delivery of outstanding personalized experiences to viewers. For more info, visit www​.uni​fied​-stream​ing​.com.