The demand for quick and seamless content delivery keeps rising.

A new collaboration between Ceeblue, a leader in real-time video transcoding and streaming, and Unified Streaming, a creator of world-class streaming technologies and authority in defining industry-advancing standards and specifications, helps fulfill that demand by offering a universal approach.

The companies are pairing the multiprotocol ingest of Ceeblue Cloud with Unified Streaming’s premier single-source, multiprotocol streaming solution Unified Origin.

With Ceeblue Cloud working in tandem with Unified Origin, any format can be ingested, and any format can be streamed.

Namely, the collaborative solution can ingest RTMP, SRT, WebRTC, RTSP, and HLS (see docs​.cee​blue​.net for more details).

Then, Unified Origin can stream HSS, HDS, HLS (TS as well as CMAF), and MPEG/DVB-DASH — and apply DRM (digital rights management) to all of those formats, too. (For documentation on Unified Origin, visit docs​.uni​fied​-stream​ing​.com.)

Our offering with Ceeblue now enables Unified Origin, our all-in-one streaming solution, to ingest RTMP, SRT, RTSP, HLS and WebRTC streams. After Ceeblue Cloud’s efficient ingest of this extended range of formats, our Unified Origin can then just do its thing — output all formats with support for DRM, timed metadata (SCTE 35), multi-channel audio, and accessibility features,” said Unified Streaming co-founder Dirk Griffioen.

By providing almost universal access to Unified Origin,” said Ceeblue founder and CTO Danny Burns, this partnership will allow new sorts of industry players access to Ceeblue’s live-optimized transcoding and Unified Streaming’s industry-leading packaging, content protection, and ad insertion. With support for so many ingest and delivery formats, and with Ceeblue’s APIs’ one-time integration for all current and future protocols, customers will benefit from the maximum workflow flexibility imaginable.”

For more information on the solution, visit https://​cee​blue​.net/​u​n​i​f​i​e​d​-​o​r​igin/ or email Origin@​ceeblue.​net.