Different types of Unified Streaming’s core product Unified Origin are now available through the AWS Marketplace. Customers may choose from four different product listings of Origin on AWS, and exploit the full breadth of the solution in a flexible way.

The various Unified Origin product listings now on AWS Marketplace are:

The different solutions accommodate different video streaming workflow requirements. Customers can use Origin for VOD or Live Streaming with or without DRM (digital rights management). The four variants of Unified Origin join Unified Streaming’s Remix VOD2Live, already available through AWS Marketplace.

Unified Origin is a software solution used by operators, broadcasters, and OTT platforms worldwide for their VOD (Video On Demand) and live video streaming workflows. Built as a plugin for industry-standard web servers like Apache and Nginx, Unified Origin allows a web server to ingest one video format and package it on-the-fly to all industry-standard playout formats: HLS (TS & CMAF), (DVB-)DASH, HbbTV, HDS, and Smooth.

Having Unified Origin procurable via the AWS Cloud Marketplace allows buyers to license the product directly through their company’s AWS account, without needing to set up a new agreement with Unified Streaming directly.

Some of the benefits of using Unified Streaming’s products through the AWS Marketplace include:

  • Faster time to market.

    Amazon machine images are preconfigured, so procurement, licensing, and legal matters are automated.

  • Flexible usage.

    Customers may pay per hour and/​or commit upfront.

  • Cost savings.

    Upfront commitment may achieve discounts of up to 83% (compared to the hourly pricing).

  • Ease of meeting expense quotas.

    AWS Marketplace expenses count towards your AWS expense quota, helping customers meet AWS volume discount requirements.

Coinciding with the placement of Unified Origin variations on AWS, Unified Streaming has updated hourly pricing for using any of the types of the solution. The company also provides the option for upfront annual commitment, meaning customers can achieve cost savings of up to 83 percent.

By offering more Origin products in the AWS Marketplace, with more licensing options, we remain committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy the flexibility and all the benefits of using through the cloud, while choosing the Origin product that best suits their streaming workflow,” said Unified Streaming’s Business Analyst Alex Merkouris.