On Monday July 10, Unified Streaming will play a part in leading the second online workshop about Redundant Encoding and Packaging (REaP).

Industry experts and representatives from various standards-developing organizations, including Unified Streaming’s Rufael Mekuria, will convene to review and enhance the work on redundant encoding and packaging of live segmented media, as done in MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group).

During the workshop participants are going to discuss the standardization of a live segment track format based on CMAF (Common Media Application Format) and ISOBMFF (ISO Base Media File Format).

Participants will also delve into the definition of the Ingest MPD (I‑MPD) for live media ingest and redundant encoding, as well as the D‑MPD and media playlist format for redundant packaging.

Last but not least, experts will provide recommendations for cloud storage and the utilization of an MPD for cloud storage (S‑MPD).

Lasting from 3 – 6 p.m UTC (which is 4 – 7 p.m. BST and 5 – 8 p.m. CEST) on July 10, the workshop will be online, open, and accessible to everyone, allowing participants from around the world to pitch in.

After an opening by Ali C. Begen, three main themes will follow, each featuring presentations and discussions led by industry experts.

Theme 1: REaP CMAF Tracks and I‑MPD for Ingest and Redundant Encoding

Khaled Jerbi from Ateme will discuss the use of REaP CMAF tracks and the I‑MPD for media ingest and redundant encoding. Participants will be encouraged to refer to the published version of DASH-IF live media ingest and the latest draft DIS document 23009 – 9 for further insights.

Theme 2: Redundant Packaging and D‑MPD Generation

Rufael Mekuria will moderate this section, focusing on redundant packaging and D‑MPD generation. Discussions will revolve around various use cases, requirements, and the latest Use Cases and Requirements from MPEG.

Theme 3: Content Storage, Archiving, and Management

The third theme, moderated by Alex Giladi from Comcast, will tackle content storage, archiving, and management. Participants will explore diverse use cases, requirements, and the latest Use Cases and Requirements from MPEG

The workshop will also introduce the concept of S‑MPD, along with discussions on identifiers and grouping of tracks based on MPEG’s exploration.

The workshop’s a unique opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry professionals and standards organizations. By bringing together experts in the field, we’ll be better able to drive standardization and advancement in redundant encoding and packaging for live segmented media, and align the emerging MPEG standard on this as well as we can with industry needs,” said Rufael Mekuria of Unified Streaming.

If you’re interested in participating in the workshop, registration is available here.

To join the video-dev Slack space and the encoder-synch channel, go here. And for the discussion mailing list, check that out here.

If you’re interested, don’t miss this chance to shape the future of live segmented media encoding and packaging.