Unified Streaming Standardization Representative Mohammed Raad is attending MPEG 146 in Rennes, France, April 22 – 26.

Raad will be focusing on two projects during the week-long gathering.

ISO/IEC 23009 – 9 (also known as REaP) aims to enable the synchronization of distribution encoder output, such that media segments from different encoders can be used interchangeably. REaP also enables the same kind of synchronization for packagers.

Streaming workflows can be made more robust by applying REaP (Redundant Encoding and Packaging).

Unified Streaming has led the development of REaP at MPEG from the very beginning of the project. At the Rennes rendezvous, Raad is aiming to move REaP to the FDIS stage (Final Draft International Standard, or the final stage before the document is published as a standard).

Also on behalf of Unified Streaming, Raad is contributing to the MPEG effort at developing a complete file format conformance suite with the contribution of event track conformance files (exercising multiple aspects of ISO/IEC 23001 – 18).

The availability of conformance files is important for the adoption and implementation of standards. Unified also led the development of ISO/IEC 23001 – 18.

Established in 1988MPEG is the global group that develops standards for coded representation of digital audio, video, 3D graphics, and genomic data.

The meeting in Rennes marks the 146th time the group has convened.