Viaplay, the Stockholm-based streaming service, is now live in the United Kingdom. Making Viaplay streaming to the region possible is Unified Streaming, a forerunner in creating video streaming technologies.

Unified Streaming’s core software product, Unified Origin, plays a pivotal position in Viaplay’s streaming workflows.

Unified Origin is a single-source solution that lets Viaplay stream all their content to all devices. Streaming HLS and MPEG-DASH formats, Unified Origin offers the Swedish streaming service built-in support for features that make it possible for Viaplay to monetize their streams with ads, as well as to manage and protect the rights for streaming and viewing high-value content like live sports.

Unified Origin also gives Viaplay multi-channel audio, which enables the streaming service to satisfy different language requirements in new geographic regions. Viaplay can also make use of accessibility features like captions and subtitles.

According to an article in Broadband TV News, Viaplay arrives in the U.K. armed with a full slate of video on demand and live programming. The streamer is now offering customers in the U.K. more than a thousand hours of Viaplay originals and third-party content.

Viaplay is playing not only Nordic noir,” the famous genre of crime fiction set in Scandinavia. Original dramas, documentaries, and young adult programming are also on the menu, among many other types of content.

Sports on Viaplay runs the entire spectrum. Fans will be able to view a vast variety of athletic competitions. The streaming service holds the rights to more than 1,000 UEFA international matches, featuring elite teams like Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Viaplay will also show LaLiga, Scottish Cup, Scottish League Cup, and Coppa Italia football; BKT United Rugby Championship, Rugby Football League, and TOP 14 rugby; NHL and numerous other hockey leagues. Many more sports and leagues feature, too.

On November 1, Anders Jensen, Viaplay Group President and CEO said, Viaplay has so much to offer UK viewers. Starting today, subscribers can enjoy original storytelling that has won prizes around the world, attractive third-party content from all Nordic countries and beyond, and top-class local and international sports — all through one competitively priced service. This launch is great news for viewers and a milestone for our company. Nordic noir is just the beginning for Viaplay in the UK.”

Unified Streaming Sales Team Lead Ewout Meijer said, We are very proud to see our long-time customer Viaplay expanding, improving, and innovating with our products. It means we keep adding value to their offering, and there is a lot more to come.”