The latest version of our software, 1.13.5, is now a GA (general availability) release.

Among the update’s refinements, fixes, and features, we’d like to highlight a few. Okay, five.

Here’s the scoop.

✅ Improved Dolby Vision support

In all of our products, we’ve updated support for Dolby Vision to the 2.1 specification.

✅ Improved support for playout of high and multi-framerates

For Unified Remix, we improved padding to align 50 fps (frames per second) video tracks to 25 fps tracks in case a single frame is missing. Also we provide wider support for packaging HEVC and Dolby Vision.

✅ Improved compatibility with Samsung TVs

To Unified Origin, we’ve added the query parameter ‘?brand=iso4’ to override the default format iso2. This helps users who select the download to own” feature to play the content locally, on their own system. Samsung-specific progressive MP4s will work just fine for them.

✅ Improved playout robustness

Previously, when a media segment had a gap in it, Unified Origin wouldn’t build a media segment. Unified Origin now signals the gap as a second TrackFragment (‘traf’), with the gap specified as empty.’

✅ Improved DASH ingest

We’ve added passthrough support for styp’ boxes (segment type containers), which give info about the type of media segments, to help decoders decipher segment formats and signal end of stream.

Please read the release notes to find out what else has changed, including info about soon-to-be deprecated operating systems.