The latest version of our software is now a GA (general availability) release.

The highlight of the new version: launching Unified Virtual Channel.

We’re excited to introduce you to Unified Virtual Channel, because our brand new solution makes it even easier to transform and repurpose content into new linear channels.

Create new channels and run experiments faster. Simplify your workflow with our new easy-to-integrate, API-based solution. Mix existing VOD content with live streams. Do seamless transitions. Customize and localize your content. Monetize your stream with ads. And more. Find more information about the product on our website, and stay tuned for more details in the coming days.

Besides launching Unified Virtual Channel, we’ve been improving and refining our other products. Here’s the scoop on the changes.

✅ Support for advanced configuration and management of SCTE 35 markers used for triggering events in the stream

With granular options, you’ve got possibilities of signaling more than one ad service from a single source stream. Use both splice_​insert and time_​signal to improve the setup and management of new streams, without needing to rebuild or reconfigure workflows with an older setup. We’ve also added the option to splice segments outside of ad breaks. Now you can splice segments on program boundaries to enable frame-accurate restart and catch-up services, for instance.

✅ Changes to fast-forward and rewind playback using DASH trickplay mode”

By more closely aligning with the DASH trickmode scheme that signals a video track, this signaling becomes much stronger.

✅ Catch-up TV with embedded Closed Caption subtitles: now even easier

Our latest feature retains the subtitles when transcoding for frame-accurate capture, in line with our industry’s commitment to provide accessibility options for viewers. We’re pleased to continue offering our customers a way of enabling the same features in catch-up that are available in their live services.

💻 Important OS support news: Debian 11 and Ubuntu 18 to be discontinued soon

So please don’t forget to update! Also removed: support for CentOS 7 and Alpine Linux 3.15. Find out more about supported operating systems in our documentation. Please contact support if these updates create any issues.

Check out the release notes to find out what else has changed, including new and deprecated operating systems you’ll want to be aware of. 

Enjoy the upgrade!

The Unified Streaming Team

P.S. Start your free trial of Unified Virtual Channel here!