Media Excel, leader in multiscreen encoding/​transcoding solutions, has joined forces with Unified Streaming, a leading provider of cross-platform video streaming technologies, to offer customers a next-generation solution for content delivery based on timed metadata. The collaboration substantially enhances the user experience by enabling frame-accurate interactivity and added-value services for Live, VoD and DVR workflows.

Timed Metadata can be used to distribute events from encoders (or upstream) to origins and eventually, players. Examples include ID3 tags for program information, DASH events (emsg) and ad signaling tags (SCTE-35) for dynamic ad insertion.

These tags, messages or markers can be used downstream to replace content (e.g. ad insertion/​replacement), trigger players (block FF/​RW/​Pause), automate Live to VoD workflows (e.g. frame-accurate signaling of highlights) and deliver EPG information. Further, rich content can be linked in a timely accurate manner, enabling added-value services, interactivity and e‑commerce.

Upstream, Media Excel HERO encoder/​transcoder enables the operator to inject timed metadata either in-band with the source content (e.g SCTE-35, SCTE-104, ID3 tags, playout opaque metadata) or out-of-band through REST/SOAP APIs, in a frame-accurate manner. In addition, HERO conditions the GOP and segmentation boundaries to align with the metadata timing (where applicable) in order to enable dynamic content replacement downstream.

Media Excel and Unified Streaming offer a joint solution based on existing infrastructure and proven workflows. With the addition of Timed Metadata to Media Excel’s HERO fragmented mp4 output, the Unified Origin now manages Timed Metadata seamlessly, for multiple output formats simultaneously and for Live, VoD and DVR workflows.

Given the track record in innovation for both companies, and our mutual success in high profile sports, music and 24x7 streaming services, we are pleased to enable solutions that are fully in-line with current and future customer and consumer demand”, says Simon Westbroek, VP Global Sales at Unified Streaming. Building on our existing collaboration with Unified Streaming for the delivery of hybrid HEVC/AVC workflows, we are excited to further enhance the monetization options for our customers and the user experience for their audience with the introduction of this new set of features”, says Nikos Kyriopoulos, Product Director of Media Excel.

The newly introduced feature set is already in trials with major operators across the globe. For more information, please visit us at IBC, Media Excel: 14.P05, Unified Streaming: 14.C36.

About Unified Streaming
Dedicated to helping companies create and execute smart video-streaming technologies, Unified Streaming products are in operation around the world, with customers ranging from broadcast networks and online content distributors to small companies and webcasters. Unified Streaming solutions fit into existing frameworks (Apache, IIS, Lighttpd, Nginx), thus allowing for greater return on existing investment. For more info: www​.uni​fied​-stream​ing​.com and follow us on @UnifiedStream on Twitter.

About Media Excel
Media Excel is the leading supplier of reliable software solutions for real-time multiscreen video delivery. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, the company has been the industry leader in the development of real-time video processing software to distribute video over IP networks. Solutions from Media Excel provide the reliability, scalability and performance required to deliver high quality video via appliance and cloud deployment models. Powering more than 350 million multiscreen subscribers worldwide, and with the #1 market share in multiscreen delivery for wireless carriers in North America, Media Excel assists Pay TV operators, content providers, broadcasters and telcos worldwide. To learn more, please visit www​.medi​aex​cel​.com.