Leading European streaming technology company Bedrock has completed the migration of over 1 million subscribers from RTL Nederland’s SVOD platform, Videoland, to Bedrock’s platform.

Inside Bedrock’s workflows runs the core product from Unified Streaming: Unified Origin.

Unified Origin is a single-source software solution that enables Videoland subscribers to access the Dutch streaming service’s content on more than 20 devices, including smart TVs, gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

Streaming HLS and MPEG-DASH formats, Unified Origin offers Bedrock’s streaming platform built-in support for features that make it possible for RTL Nederland’s Videoland to monetize their streams with ads, as well as to manage and protect the rights for streaming.

Unified Origin also gives Bedrock multi-channel audio, which enables the streaming service to satisfy different language requirements in new geographic regions. Videoland viewers can also make use of accessibility features like captions and subtitles.

Since Unified Origin plays a key role in Bedrock’s technology, Unified Streaming helps Bedrock deliver a future-proof” service to Videoland subscribers.

Bedrock is calling the Videoland migration Europe’s largest SVOD (subscription video on demand) streaming migration ever.”

In a press release posted on Bedrock’s site, CEO of Bedrock Jonas Engwall said, We’re extremely proud of our collaboration with Videoland and this migration demonstrates how rock-solid our technology is. To our knowledge, this is the largest premium video streaming migration that has ever taken place in Europe.”

Sven Sauvé, CEO of RTL Nederland said, The growth of Videoland is the main pillar of our company’s strategy. We are very proud of our current position as number two in the Dutch market. Working together with Bedrock is a way to not only consolidate but further improve our position at a greater speed. It is one of the many advantages of being part of RTL Group.”

About Bedrock

Bedrock is a streaming-tech venture, formed in early 2020 as a JV between Groupe M6 and RTL Group (part of Bertelsmann). It builds state-of-the-art streaming platforms, helping 6 broadcasters and media companies across 4 countries entertain 45 million users every day, across all screens.

Thanks to its rock-solid, fully cloudified, redundant, and scalable platform, Bedrock can handle massive peaks in user traffic.

With approximately 400 highly skilled team members and 14 years of experience, the company is on the path to becoming the biggest streaming platform in Europe for national premium content.

About Videoland

Videoland is the number one local streaming platform in the Netherlands with over 1.1 million paying subscribers and a reach of more than 3 million Dutch people. As a successful local brand among a growing number of international streaming platforms, Videoland, part of RTL Nederland, is committed to investing increasingly in the local creative community and thus in all viewers in the Netherlands in years to come.

About Unified Streaming

Unified Streaming is a forerunner in creating smart video streaming technologies and defining industry-advancing standards and specifications.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Unified Streaming leads the new wave of content aggregation, providing tools for dynamic and static packaging, capture, and enhanced playlist technology. Its streaming solutions are deployed to unlock new ways to repurpose and protect content, and to create value and increase profit.

With over 140 customers and partners globally, Unified Streaming produces the software under the hood of the best-known streaming platforms and services. Every day, everywhere, Unified Streaming enables delivery of outstanding personalized experiences to viewers.