Video streaming often incurs high content delivery network (CDN) and cloud storage costs, especially when monetizing large repositories. Often customers also lose the flexibility to tailor their content for best user experience across multiple devices.

This case study outlines how we tackled that challenge with a solution that uses our acclaimed software plugin Unified Origin in an edge computing platform (ECP) provided by CDNetworks.

The result: reductions of up to 50% of cloud egress and 50% of CDN caching footprint.

In two demos deploying Unified Origin in a container for live streaming and for VOD, we saw how by choosing the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) for ingest from cloud to ECP, just a single ingest format could be used. The Unified Origin node running on the ECP could then generate different formats and encodings for on-the-fly streaming.

We were impressed with the ease of use of the ECP and the consistent performance results,” said Rufael Mekuria, Unified Streaming’s head of research and standardization. We have been using the ECP from CDNetworks with success deploying our solutions for streaming as prototypes.”

Read the full case study authored by CDNetworks here.