In this technical paper, we analyze the key aspects of the partnership between Simplestream and Unified Streaming. We examine how the integration of Unified Streaming’s core products and solutions — namely Unified Remix, Unified Origin — VOD, Unified Origin — Live, Unified Capture, and Manifest Edit—enrich Simplestream’s offering for out-of-the-box streaming and OTT solutions, serving a wide range of customers among broadcasters, content owners, children-focused channels, and operators in the news space. 

The document aims to provide a thorough overview of the portfolio of Unified Streaming, with a focus on how the company’s products integrate with Simplestream’s Media Manager, powering a number of aspects of the overall solution. 

This white paper answers the following questions.

Why is it key for customers to choose a service provider that’s able to integrate third-party products seamlessly, with the objective of creating an easy-to-use and highly effective multi-platform experience?

How does the integration of Unified Streaming’s suite of products work within the Simplestream tech stack? 

What does the future of integrated solutions look like for customers surfacing the OTT sector or existing operators wanting to deepen their owned and operated services?

Finally, the document provides an overview on real use cases from Simplestream’s client portfolio, all gaining advantages from the integration with Unified Streaming’s core products and solutions, with emphasis on GB News, BFBS, Digital Theatre, and Narrative’s POP brand.