Content Providers, Pay TV Operators and TV Networks can now distribute premium, multi-channel surround sound content in DTS® Headphone:X® to Mobile and OTT Device Users 

DTS, Inc., a global leader in high-definition audio solutions has teamed up with LiveTV and video- on-demand content service company, Nowtilus, to deliver a surround sound experience targeted at the pay TV operator and broadcaster market.

In the partnership, Nowtilus and DTS present a market-ready solution for converting a broadcast signal and delivering it with multi-channel surround sound to mobile and connected OTT devices, including DTS’ Headphone:X technology. DTS Headphone:X offers an authentic immersive 3D sound experience through any pair of headphones or earbuds to fully transport listeners into the games, TV shows, movies and music. The ready-to-market OTT delivery solution has integrated components from Unified Streaming for just-in-time packaging and streaming, as well as castLabs’ mobile player SDK featuring DTS Headphone:X.

Through Nowtilus’ NEMO BRiDGE®, a cloud-based content management, syndication and delivery platform, partners are able to remotely configure and control worker components to process, syndicate and deliver content streams and related data. 

Broadcast and content customers are seeking ways to enhance the video and audio experience for the cord-cutting generation. Right now, most live streaming services are only offering stereo, and they have an opportunity to not only deliver to additional OTT platforms but also elevate their mobile experience 

The content delivery industry is continuously seeking ways to provide unique and differentiating features for end users. In doing so, there are oftentimes challenges with time-to-market, quality, and complexity. We are able to address those challenges and provide the end user with an audio experience that makes them feel as if they are sitting courtside at a basketball or football match, listening to a TV show as a member of the studio crowd, or enjoying their film with theatrical sound. 

Please see attached white paper below.