We sat down with one cool customer of ours, Eyelet—a forward-thinking, well-curated, fan-centric movie streaming platform based in Melbourne, Australia.

Eyelet CTO Anuj Luthra gave us a first-hand account of the passion that drives the company, and the different ways that Unified technology powers their workflows.

The challenge for Luthra and Eyelet was finding one simple, robust, flexible, customizable, and scalable solution.

The solution? Unified Origin with DRM and Unified Packager, from Unified Streaming.

The result for Eyelet was simple. Unified Streaming’s solutions take a single transcoding input for a complete set of different streaming and DRM protocols required in the device ecosystem.

Says Unified Streaming’s Global Account Manager Pepijn Tijhuis, I get a lot of requests from customers I can’t help because we typically work with enterprise-level customers. Which is a shame because many of those smaller customers make the content’ world richer and more colorful. These independent players should get an opportunity to earn a buck without being locked into one of the four or five big tech companies.

Eyelet does exactly that, from my point of view. They take in our product, they know how to run it, and they provide their service to those who need it. Thanks to Eyelet, everyone can simply stream great movies.”