Emerging MPEG Standards for Point Cloud Compression

March 2019
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Due to the increased popularity of augmented and virtual reality experiences, the interest in capturing the real world in multiple dimensions and in presenting it to users in an immersible fashion has never been higher. Distributing such representations enables users to freely navigate in multisensory 3D media experiences. Unfortunately, such representations require a large amount of data, not feasible for transmission on today’s networks. Efficient compression technologies well adopted in the content chain are in high demand and are key components to democratize augmented and virtual reality applications. Moving Picture Experts Group, as one of the main standardization groups dealing with multimedia, identified the trend and started recently the process of building an open standard for compactly representing 3D point clouds, which are the 3D equivalent of the very well-known 2D pixels. This paper introduces the main developments and technical aspects of this ongoing standardization effort.

Published in: IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems ( Volume: 9, Issue: 1, March 2019)

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