Unified Streaming, a forerunner in smart video streaming technologies, is proud to launch Unified Remix, an elegant solution to help content owners monetize their content.

Unified Remix supports many exciting use-cases, such as live-to-VOD (separating live ingest from playout), archive-to-VOD (infinite live archiving), live scheduling (rotating 24/7 playlists) or even server-side ad insertion.

Furthermore, streams can be personalized on any level. From a personalized stream for every viewer, streams to groups of viewers (e.g. based on geo-location, subscription model), and even a single stream for all viewers to for instance insert a bumper. Just think of Unified Remix as a just-in-time video-editing suite.

Unified Remix overcomes the challenges introduced by manifest manipulation. Manifest manipulation requires bespoke changes to encoders and origin servers as well as manifest modifications for each and every delivery format typically using client SDKs that are complicated to maintain. And there is always that nagging uncertainty: will players, web browsers and TVs be able to play the stream from the manipulated manifest?

Mix once, play everywhere

Unified Remix is taking a revolutionary approach by stitching content upstream from the origin server. Resolving a playlist created by a call into an ad network, a rule set or by CMS generation, Unified Remix creates a reference MP4 file for Unified Origin to use as source. Unified Origin then creates a single stream from the reference MP4. This means players do not see any discontinuity: the stream functions as though it has a single origin and a single timeline and best of all Unified Remix works everywhere.

We are fanatics about creating multi-platform streaming solutions, and Unified Remix is no exception,” says Unified Streaming CTO Arjen Wagenaar. It is designed to serve many use cases and stream to all platforms without introducing additional complexity.”

About Unified Streaming

Unified Streaming is dedicated to helping companies create and execute smart video streaming technologies. Its products are in operation around the world, with customers ranging from live news broadcasters and major TV networks to service providers and technology partners.

Time and again, Unified Origin has proven to offer a stable, scalable and highly performing solution that fits into existing webservers, such as Apache, IIS, Lighttpd and Nginx. It provides streaming from one encode simultaneously to multiple devices in combination with various DRM technologies. This flexibility means customers get greater return on existing investments, reduce delivery costs and boost time to market.

For more info, visit www​.uni​fied​-stream​ing​.com and follow @UnifiedStream.