Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS — 2nd of September 2014

Deutsche Glasfaser, the leading provider of Fiber To The Home” (FTTH) networks in Germany, will offer IPTV, Streaming Radio and Multiscreen services using Unified Streaming products.

Unified Streaming a leading provider of cross-platform streaming technologies, today announced that Deutsche Glasfaser is using Unified Origin, Unified Capture and Unified Radio for delivery of linear TV, Video-on-Demand, nPVR and Streaming Radio. Deutsche Glasfaser offers triple play packages to regional subscribers in Germany over it’s advanced fibre-optic network. The IPTV service is scheduled for launch in September 2014 and will include: 100 SD channels, 50 HD and 100 radio channels.

Transcoded free-to-air and pay TV channels are repackaged and encrypted on-the-fly with Unified Origin for delivery to TV screens via the DGTV mediabox, as well as to a custom Deutsche Glasfaser App for in-home viewing on Google Android and Apple iOS devices. To differentiate from other offerings on the German market Deutsche Glasfaser decided to offer advanced services like catch-up TV and n‑PVR services using Unified Capture. Adding adaptive bitrate streaming radio for 100 radio channels with Unified Radio makes the service complete.

Launching a new service in a new market immediately made us realize that we would need to offer a superior quality IPTV and multiscreen service, Unified Streaming products are well-known for it’s build-quality and advanced functionality, it enabled the Deutsche Glasfaser team to create a scalable‑, high quality- and feature rich TV service,” said Niels Jonkman, Business Manager of Deutsche Glasfaser Medien. With Unified Streaming products and support we raised the bar when compared to other German offerings in our market.”

We are very happy Deutsche Glasfaser selected Unified Streaming to build an innovative IPTV service, showcasing the capabilities of Unified Streaming products” said Simon Westbroek, VP Global sales for Unified Streaming. Using a Unified approach to content delivery and re-purposing of video and/​or radio will give Deutsche Glasfaser a competitive edge now and in the future”

About Deutsche Glasfaser
Deutsche Glasfaser’s goal is to become the successful market leader in the FTTH market in German areas. Deutsche Glasfaser’s strategy and vision is based on the offering of services across the entire FTTH value chain ranging from marketing its services directly to end-users via its own ISPs, providing white label services to other service providers and providing dark fiber services to carriers/​ISPs who are interested in setting up their own active infrastructure and service agreements. Founded in 2012, Deutsche Glasfaser GmbH belongs to the Reggeborgh Group, an investment trust and one of the largest network supplier companies in the Netherlands (Reggefiber). Deutsche Glasfaser entered the German FTTH market to leverage on the proven success of Reggefiber in the Netherlands. More information: www​.deutsche​-glas​fas​er​.de

About Unified Streaming
Unified Streaming is a leading provider of cross-platform video-streaming technologies. Dedicated to helping companies create and execute smart video-streaming technologies, Unified Streaming products are in operation around the world, with customers ranging from broadcast networks and online content distributors to small companies and webcasters.

Unified Streaming solutions fit into existing frameworks (Apache, IIS, Lighttpd, Nginx), thus, allowing for greater return on existing investment. Unified Streaming (USP) provides streaming from one encode simultaneously to multiple players and devices. In combination with various DRM technologies, this enables Unified Streaming customers to significantly reduce delivery cost and boost time to market, in order to address a broader audience.