Medianova, Turkey’s large-scale provider of end-to-end streaming services, has teamed with industry innovator Unified Streaming to facilitate implementation of on-premises content delivery networks.

Founded in 2005, Medianova has become one of the largest streaming services and cloud platforms on the Turkish market. Its local, hybrid and cloud CDN solutions bring fast, stable and reliable streaming to B2B and B2C users, big and small. 

The Istanbul-headquartered company is currently expanding service provision worldwide, with rapid growth in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. For areas with inadequate connection to existing CDNs, Medianova has partnered with Unified Streaming. By installing the all-in-one-solution webserver plugin known as Unified Origin, Medianova is now able to create CDNs at the local PoPs and continue offering optimal streaming.

We have chosen to work with Unified Streaming as our origin server for on-premises CDN proposition because Unified Origin has proven to be the best solution for dynamic packaging and advanced origin functionalities, such as on-the-fly DRM,” says Behiç Uzel, Medianova’s director of sales and business development.

Being part of Medianova’s three-continent expansion is exciting. Working together, we can supply the same top-quality streaming that Medianova’s customers in EMEA have come to know and appreciate,” says Unified Streaming’s VP of global sales, Simon Westbroek.

About Unified Streaming
Unified Streaming is dedicated to helping companies create and execute smart video streaming technologies. Its products are in operation around the world, with customers ranging from live news broadcasters and major TV networks to service providers and technology partners.

The ease of use and reliability of our solutions allow customers to shorten their time-to-market. Our solutions fit into existing frameworks (Apache, IIS, Lighttpd, Nginx), thus allowing for greater return on existing investment and reducing delivery cost significantly.