Amsterdam, The Netherlands — 8th of December 2015

Primetime, an online streaming platform and content provider, has expanded their features and service by implementing the solutions of Unified Streaming, a leading provider of cross-platform video streaming technologies.

Unified Streaming is among our top list of technology partners. We are highly impressed with the quality of service and support USP offers, it was beyond expectations”, says Isara Amatayakul, CTO of Primetime Solution Company Limited. USP helps us to achieve our goal of being among the top online streaming platforms faster than we thought we will be.”

Primetime offers a variety of monthly subscriptions, rent-to-watch and buy-to-own combination to enable their customers access to all-time favorite movie and series. Since their services are offered on a wide range of devices, Primetime was looking for a high-end, cost-effective and flexible solution, which would make it possible to stream from one source to multiple clients and devices. More and more companies are facing the same issue: the company is growing, workflows are getting more complex, catalogues are getting larger and keeping up with market requirements, such as availability of popular playout formats for different devices, takes a lot of time and brings with it unnecessary costs.

Unified Streaming’s software is such a solution and gives companies the ability to simplify things. It provides advanced functionality to do on-the-fly packaging to all formats including MPEG DASH with or without DRM protection. So no need to have all files stored separately in all different formats. And maximum flexibility is offered regarding DRM encryption. All popular DRM flavors are supported and we even offer TransDRM and PIFF2CENC, where encrypted content is transformed into a different playout format with encryption. It performs the conversion on the fly in a fully dynamic fashion. There are various advantages to this method including but not limited to: unnecessary re-packaging or re-encoding, inessential extra storage and a quick time-to-market. This gives companies the opportunity to expand services and features to keep the customers happy.

We are proud to be selected by Primetime and to have the opportunity to contribute to their high-quality entertainment service”, says Simon Westbroek, VP Global Sales at Unified Streaming.

Primetime is currently planning to grow within Thailand first before expanding to other regions. They have an exciting content line coming up, which will really impress their customers. By taking these steps one by one and carefully seeking for high-end technology to support their services Primetime is aiming for a place on the world stage soon.

About Unified Streaming

Unified Streaming is a leading provider of cross-platform video-streaming technologies. Dedicated to helping companies create and execute smart video-streaming technologies, Unified Streaming products are in operation around the world, with customers ranging from broadcast networks and online content distributors to small companies and webcasters. Unified Streaming solutions fit into existing frameworks (Apache, IIS, Lighttpd, Nginx), thus, allowing for greater return on existing investment. Unified Streaming (USP) provides streaming from one encode simultaneously to multiple players and devices. In combination with various DRM technologies, this enables Unified Streaming customers to significantly reduce delivery cost and boost time to market, in order to address a broader audience.