This year, Mile-High Video, the annual conference for video streaming coders, R&D engineers, and industry movers and shakers, will take place in Denver February 11 – 14.

Two members of Unified Streaming will represent the company at the gathering held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center: Research Engineer Roberto Ramos Chávez and company cofounder Dirk Griffioen.

On February 12, Ramos Chávez will present to other attendees an extended abstract (summary of a research project) titled Standards-based OTT A/B Watermarking at Scale,” which he co-wrote with Varnish Software’s VP of Engineering Espen Braastad. Ramos Chávez’s colleagues Rufael Mekuria, Jamie Fletcher, and Arjen Wagenaar also collaborated on the project.

The presentation will explain the integration of forensic watermarking standards with Live media streaming workflows. In other words, Ramos Chávez will discuss an innovation that helps organizations identify copies of streaming media that have been shared illegally.

Known also as ACM Mile High Video, the event is organized by ACM, The Association for Computing Machinery and sponsored by numerous participating companies. Technical sponsors are ACM and SIGMM, ACM’s Special Interest Group on Multimedia.

Both Griffioen and Ramos Chávez will be meeting Unified Streaming’s customers and partners at the event. To set up time with them, please email dirk@​unified-​streaming.​com or roberto@​unified-​streaming.​com.