Internet Video Archive (IVA) is the world’s largest distributor of online trailers, with over 8 billion plays delivered. Their database contains over 120,000 high quality video assets, including theatrical trailers, DVD releases, interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, alternate trailers, and international versions. IVA also features TV previews and video game trailers for every platform. The solutions designed by IVA are in use by entertainment sites, retailers, radio stations, libraries, social networks, and consumer electronics companies.

IVA has been using Unified Origin for several years to provide adaptive content to their partners. When mobile video was taking off a few years ago, IVA wanted to be on the forefront of the new technology and that’s where Unified Origin appeared to be a perfect fit.

Benefits for IVA:

  • Scalable to meet IVAs growth 
  • One workflow for all video formats
  • Easy to deploy means short time to market
  • Using a single source video format per bit rate