Live video streaming and video on demand of lectures, classes and events will increase student engagement and retention. The learning experience can be enhanced using multi platform streaming technology. Presentations 2Go and Unified Streaming created a comprehensive solution for recording and capturing of live events, management of content and metadata and multi platform streaming. Capable of streaming to any device, campus and worldwide. In this use case we will briefly touch upon the advanced integration of the Presentations 2Go rich media learning video platform with Unified Streaming in combination with the Akamai content delivery network. As used from September 2015 at Wageningen University in The Netherlands.

The University is starting to offer online master programs by Distance Learning. With these innovative programs it will be possible to study at the University from all over the world through the university’s Virtual Learning Environment using the new Presentations 2Go Learning Video Platform. 

This pioneering way of studying is an ideal opportunity for students to obtain a full Masters degree from an internationally respected university, without spending two full years away from home.