Both live and on-demand streaming have their own requirements, which are dependent on the specifics of the service offered to viewers. This blog details the most common scenarios, for live as well as VOD, and offers a look at some of their specific server, storage and network needs.

CMAF is a move towards a future with one video streaming format. Although that step is to be applauded, CMAF isn't the uniform video streaming nirvana that some had hoped for. However, with software like Unified Origin, the lack of a truly uniform format is less of a burden than one might think.

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The next generation mobile network, sometimes referred to as 5G, targets extremely ambitious key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sub-millisecond latency, 10-100 times higher data rates, 10-100 times more devices and 1000 times higher mobile data volume. This blogpost presents some of the technologies under development and details how they can improve the deployment and efficiency of streaming video in mobile networks.

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The development of the 5G mobile network in Europe falls under certain research and development projects sponsored by the 5G public private partnerships (5GPPP) consortium under the European commission.  Unified Streaming has joined one of these large scale projects, the Superfluidity H2020 project.

Video streaming over the Internet is becoming an increasingly popular and important service to provide.