Unified Origin transforms your webserver into a powerfull streaming server.


Unified Capture introduces frame accurate recording and powerful ways to enable content replacement and ad insertion.


Unified Packager provides fast and easy packaging for all formats. 


Unified Radio provides fast and easy adaptive bitrate streaming of audio in all formats.


"The mp4split software from USP is a very powerful tool that enables us to repackage our Smooth Streaming video-, audio- and text files in ways no other software can do."

Fabian Bonnier


"USP provides the piece that completes our online video platform. USP's knowledge and flexibility allows us to offer our videos on all relevant platforms."

Jan Paul Dekker

Manager Productions, Digital Media

"We are greatly impressed with the quality and scalability of the USP solution and the speed and responsiveness of the support offered. We plan to use USP for all our HTTP streaming."

dr. ir. E.M. Verharen

Manager Research and Development

"We are pleased to use Unified Streaming as part of our product offering. The added functionality of their solution and timely support are of the highest level, and we greatly value our relationship."

Surya Hotha

Marketing Director

"SPB Software used USP as a part of SPB TV solution. We are delighted to have worked with the cross-platform video streaming technologies experts and we really appreciate their professionalism, their fast problem solving and their great technical support."

Fedor Ezhov

Director, SPB Software Inc

"Agora S.A. is using the Unified Streaming software as a base for our video streaming platform. The package has proved to be very efficient and versatile thanks to the possibility of modifying the code and endless tweaking possibilities. With fast and professional support, using and modifying the software to our needs is a real pleasure."

Michal Czapracki

Head of Video Software
Developement Team

Unified Streaming expands availability in the cloud

Amsterdam, 19th of October, 2015. Unified Streaming, a leading provider of cross-platform video-streaming technologies, announces availability of Unified Origin in Microsoft Azure. By utilizing Azure with Unified Origin, a high level of accessibility for all sorts is reached. It’s scalable, easy to use, cost-effective offering excellent DRM support, for solutions such as Marlin, PlayReady, Widevine and Fairplay.

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Unified Streaming and Viblast start technology partnership

Amsterdam, 15th of October, 2015. Unified Streaming has tested  interoperability with Viblast, a peer-assisted delivery & HTML5 innovator operating in the OTT segment. Viblast PDN is a great fit with Unified Origin. The combination of these products meet the requirements for a scalable, flexible and high performing global approach. When used in conjunction with Viblast Player, the company’s HTML5 solution for native playback of HLS & DASH, content providers are offered an end-to-end solution.

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