Create new channels
and run experiments faster

Simplify your workflow with an easy-to-integrate API-based solution. Mix existing VOD content with live streams, along with seamless transitions. Customize and localize your content, and monetize your stream with ads.

No need for a broadcast delivery chain.
No viewers = no compute power.

Software-only. Easy. Quick.

Run your new channel quickly
with the API-based solution

Beforehand, you’ll need a library of ready-to-stream VOD content; a live stream (if you want to mix VOD with live); playlists; and an understanding of how an API connects with software, so you can integrate it into new or existing streaming workflows.

To start your channel, deliver a playlist (VOD, live, or a mix of both) to the API. Unified Virtual Channel will scan, sync, and stitch your content.

To transition to another playlist seamlessly, just deliver a new playlist!

That’s it!

More content,
more opportunities

FAST channel

Pop-up channel

Personalized channel

Live music event channel

Live sports channel

Movie première channel

Educational channel

Regional channel

Kids channel

Discover all the benefits
of Unified Virtual Channel

Speed up channel creation
With an easy-to-use, API-driven solution, you can create mixed, virtual linear streams from pre-encoded VOD and Live content. Instead of taking days or weeks to launch, channels can be watchable in minutes or hours.
Customize, localize, and monetize your content
Personalize channels by basing content on viewing histories, interests, demographics, and more. Target ads, teasers, trailers, and shows that resonate with specific audiences.
Retain viewer loyalty
Stay relevant by creating channels that draw a crowd, then keep them coming back for more. Offer your viewers a dynamic viewing experience — and the best streaming quality, to boot.

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