Waste no time offering VOD of recent or still-airing content. Our live-to-VOD solution combines top-performing software with a customized curation of the industry’s best-of-breed components. The result is an agile service that dynamically prepares content for archiving and allows for flexible ad insertion, keeping re-monetization easy and interesting.

How do you envision your live-to-VOD solution?

  • With no time, or maybe just a bit, to pass between a live broadcast and its state of on-demand?
  • Will your VOD sponsorships differ from those shown live?
  • Should each playback feature new ads or repeat the originals?
  • Need your archive to last an hour, an eternity or something in between?
How it works

Your live stream

Streams recurring events, one-offs or a 24/7 linear live channel

Live encoder

Relies on a live encoder to produce a multi-bitrate stream packaged as fMP4 to ready it for ABR streaming and supports adding a second encoder for failover

Unified Origin

Creates a live archive by enabling the archive functionality in Unified Origin

Unified Origin
  • Restart
  • Replay
  • nPVR

Restart TV

Serves content directly from live archive created by Unified Origin

Replay TV

Creates clips using Unified Capture based on EPG/timing parameters to store them in main archive and play out with Unified Origin

Infinite archive/nPVR

Creates an infinite single instance archive, uses a playlist to define any clips with Unified Remix (do ad replacement, promo insertion) and plays out remixed clips with Unified Origin

Content delivery network

Supports the integration of one or more CDNs into your setup to deliver content with the highest possible performance and availability wherever your audiences are

Stream all formats to any device

Delivers your stream in the right format to all of your audiences' devices, whether mobile, tablet, desktop or TV

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