If your streaming solution is already Unified, then maybe it’s time to get yourself Certified.

Learn how to get even more out of Unified Streaming software by enrolling in Unified Certified. Launched in 2018, this instructional program was designed for solution architects, systems and streaming engineers who use, or soon plan to use, any of our products. The program can also be tailored to the needs of industry members focused on business strategy or customer service.

Unified Certified

This two-day course is a deep dive into the fundamentals of our latest software. Led by a professional trainer, the hands-on practice labs and theory sessions let you acquire all the technical knowledge and knowhow you need to run your most efficient, elegant stream.

After passing an exam, you receive a Unified Certified designation. Besides serving as a certificate of completion, this gives you access to our expert community, with whom you can keep learning and conversing.

Unified Certified, Fast-track expert edition

For those of you already familiar with the finer points of our software, we recommend the fast-track expert edition. This abbreviated program begins with a certification exam, eliminating the one and a half days that our standard Unified Certified course spends on exam preparation.

After the certification exam, you follow a session on Unified Remix and another on advanced features and our latest innovations. Led by a professional trainer, the day concludes with an identification of topics for the next day’s open-floor session with our development team.


Courses take place at our training facility in the heart of Amsterdam. On request, trainings can be given at your preferred location. The cost is €2,500 per participant.


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