You communicate the product’s value to the market and ensure market demand. This includes positioning, value proposition, messaging, feature/benefits, and unique selling propositions. You train sales on how to sell the product, create marketing materials, and develop new marketing tools, strategies, and campaigns to attract new prospects and customers. You are ultimately responsible for getting the product off the shelf.”


  • You demonstrate a deep understanding of the target customer, market, and each step in the decision-making process.

  • You know where to find the buyers and what they are attracted to.

  • You spend time talking to customers, attending events (virtual and live), reviewing opportunities and sales notes, talking to analysts, and engaging in online communities. 

  • You develop the marketing tools and campaigns to attract new customers.

  • You craft a story about the product that will entice potential customers to purchase the product, and collect customer feedback after launch.

  • You create, own, and drive the go-to-market strategy, campaign planning, and execution of global launch campaigns for new business products and features.

  • You communicate the product’s value to the market.

  • You create the training presentations for sales and support and deliver these training presentations to these teams. 

  • You develop product pricing strategies including discounts and incentives, together with the CRO.

  • You define and create the messaging and narrative that helps align solutions to the buyer’s needs.

  • You create all customer-facing messaging and make sure all marketing material is accurate and up-to-date.

  • You understand the key value and differentiation of our products compared to the key competition.

Skills - Essential

  • Marketing and campaign planning, executing, and tracking experience

  • Strong storytelling skills, communicating benefits and value to users, not technical features.

  • Strong experience in financial profit and loss projection and strategy.

  • You analyze customer journey data to identify and improve points of value.

  • You have the ability to think creatively and strategically. 

  • You are an effective (public) speaker and trainer. 

  • You have strong organizational and communication skills.

  • You can easily get others on board.

  • You have the ability to prioritize tasks and responsibilities across projects. 

Skills — Desirable 

  • Project management skills

  • Strong copywriting skills

  • 2+ years experience within Product Marketing for a company working on a B2B product within the technology or broadcasting industries