We have an opening for a passionate (Pre-) Sales Engineer who has a strong technology background. 

We are actively recruiting for talented, self-motivated individuals to join our expanding sales team. We want team players who can work autonomously, with a passion for selling and a results-driven approach.

You own a client-facing sales role. You build a strategic relationship with the customer, ensuring that customers achieve the highest level of satisfaction and advising them on long-term growth strategies. You meet with both the client and fellow employees within the sales team to learn as much as you can about the account to offer the best support to the client.

You involve yourself in everything towards a sale up to – but not including – the closing deal. You onboard potential customers to ensure they have a strong understanding of the services and/​or products provided culminating in a sale.


  • You have a detailed understanding of our solutions, their value and how they deliver innovation and success.

  • You discover and document the client’s needs and architect a workable and profitable solution.

  • You create convincing value propositions.

  • You make sure the product qualified leads come first.

  • You lower the time to value as far as possible by providing easy access to products and solutions or demos that self explain.

  • You ensure technical close and arm power users with a business case to take to the decision maker.

  • You translate requirements or unmet needs into feature requests the development team can work from.

  • You provide coaching and professional development to team members and sales associates in order to enhance product knowledge, technical acumen, and technical sales skills.

  • You research market trends and competitive solutions to understand how we stack up against competition, relative deal size, speed of adoption and the value we deliver.

  • You present demonstration setups related to new or existing products or solutions (e.g. VOD, Live, DRM, Remix and their workflows) to customers or on trade shows or academy events.


  • You have experience creating and using APIs, used XML before, understand the inner workings of HTTP and know your way in Bash and Python.

  • You are not afraid to throw your first design away.

  • You are hands-on and proactive.

  • Time management skills. You prioritize when faced with (time) pressure and continue to act effectively and tactically. You perform well under time pressure, setbacks, and in cases of complications.

  • Self-management skills.

  • Organization skills.

  • Creativity.

  • Sense of humor.

  • You present complex subjects in terms that are understandable and simple for everyone.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills include verbal and nonverbal communication, the ability to handle conflict, teamwork, empathy, listening, and a positive attitude. Being flexible and positive, able to listen, and communicating well are important criteria for success at work.