Giving your viewers the best you have

How to transform from a linear model of content playout to a hybride model combining the best technologies for linear and asynchronous or online playout? 

As the typical broadcast model is based on linear ingest and playout, today's challenges should address the online viewer. With the variety of play-out formats, protection schemes, additional complexity is introduced. Not necessarily the area of expertise for a broadcaster since designing and building a cost effective solution for online delivery and playout is not so easy.

So let start at the beginning.

To facilitate flawless online content delivery your solution should:

  • Address any-screen out there
  • Protect content when needed
  • Reduce the time to view (workflow and content preparation)
  • Save money by eliminating unnecessary tasks needed for content preparation and workflow

Unified Streaming does what is says: it consolidates format specific solutions into one. Offering a true unified approach for content delivery all based on the principle 'one source any screen'.

Address any screen out there

By supporting many devices, from tablets, smartphones to set top Boxes, XBox, HEVC enabled devices, connected TV's from Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG and Phillips to HbbTV (LG, Samsung) for both VOD and Live you are ensured of consistent high quality delivery of your content, anywhere at anyplace.

Unified Streaming supports: HLS, HDS, Smooth, DASH, HbbTV and Progressive download. To simplify workflow and reduce the management around profiles we have created the concept of the mezzanine manifest file. This manifest file contains all instructions and information for correct play-out. No matter what format, caption type, audio format or DRM. 

Protect content when needed

Content protection is not an option. Whether the content owner or local regulations request it, at some point content should be protected. With Unified Streaming you have many options:

  • use and play out protected content (DRM, token based schemes or session handling)
  • use un-protected content and encrypt on the fly
  • re-encrypt protected content according a different DRM scheme (trans-drm)

Content protection is not an easy task, and requires extensive planning with Unified Streaming you have many ways to solve this and even better, choosing one direction will not limit the options to choose a different one in the future.

Reduce Time to view

Reducing the time to market for your hot content is crucial. By simplifying the procedure needed for content preparation and workflow, you will save time and will be able to put your content online very quickly. There is no need to worry about any format related issues because this will be solved by the just in time packing engine of Unified Streaming.

For content replacement or possibilities to do ad-insertion we offer Unified Capture offering the option to do frame-accurate cuts in-stream. This opens up new ways to do content replacement with in-stream cuts, offering a seamless transition between frames. Your viewer won’t see any buffering or stuttering thus providing a high quality viewer experience on all screens. Using USP for frame accurate cutting will give you as broadcaster a powerful tool to deliver content in an even more granular way. Unified Capture can be with your ad server.

Reduce cost – save money 

By using the unified approach you can reduce cost by introducing:

  • one application for all formats
  • one source file reducing storage requirements
  • one caption file for all formats
  • one workflow reducing cost related to managing all different formats
  • a versatile and flexible way of using content protection without any vendor lock in

Tying it all together

Powering high performance video delivery to all screens with Unified Streaming Platform will definitely get you as a broadcaster prepared for the next step in excellent content delivery.  

Use cases


Let Unified Streaming deliver content to your apps, on any device!

Catch-up TV

Implement your catch-up TV service on Unified Streaming like NPO or RTL.

Over The Top

Reach a broader audience by using Unifed Streaming.

HD Video

Maximise your user viewing experience will full 1080p streams - but scale back to SD when required.

Immersive Audio

Unified Streaming supports HE AAC, Dolby Digitial Plus and DTS-Express for the best immersive audio.



Stream events like the Olympics, the European Football Championship or the Tour de France nationwide with Unified Streaming.

Second Screen

Present a second screen with video during events or with your programming.


Unified Streaming supports many devices, from handhelds to Settop Boxes, XBox, Connected TV's from Sony, Samsung, LG and Phillips to HbbTV (LG, Samsung) for both VOD and Live.


Captions/Subtitles for all your viewers: SRT, DFXP, TTML, ISMT and WebVTT.